Song (of Pearl Jam) Painting Contest 2

Time to bust out the acrylics and oils. Remember the ukulele painting contest? There were some incredible pieces submitted. Now we have an even better subject matter: Create a masterpiece inspired by a Pearl Jam song. That's right. Just choose a song that moves you and paint your heart out. It can be a lyrical interpretation or just a feeling you get from a song.

And the coolest part of this contest is the prize. The guys will find a guitar laying around here and sign it. Just for you.

Here's the deal:
* All entries must be oil or acrylic paint on an 8X10 inch canvas board.
* Each member is allowed to submit up to three paintings.
* Make sure you mark your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and member number on the back of each painting.
* As usual, all entries are not returnable and become property of the Ten Club. Ten Club of Pearl Jam. What we're saying is you will get credit and probably a bit of pay is we apply the art to something in the future, don't know what that migh be, but we reserve the right should the opportunity arise.
* By entering the contest you acknowledge these rules to abide by them.

Entries will be judges by Ten Club staff and Pearl Jam. Submissions must be postmarked and mailed to the following address by August by August I, 2009. Submissions postmarked after that date will not be eligible for this contest.

Ten Club -contest
PO Box 81429
Seattle, WA 98108-1329